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REMIT Registration for Irish Energy Market Participants

Registration Update 8th June 2015 – Phase 2 Registration

is pleased that a significant number of Irish energy participants have so far
registered under REMIT using the online “CEREMP” system which was launched on
the CER’s website in February 2015, as linked below.

accordance with ACER Decision No 01/12, the REMIT registration process has been
split into two phases for market participants registering before ACER
published for the first time the list of market participants in a European
register. In Phase 1, such market participants shall provide information
relating to Sections 1 (data related to the market participant), 2 (data
related to the natural persons linked to the market participant), 3 (data
related to the ultimate controller or beneficiary of the market participant)
and 5 (data related to the delegated parties for reporting on behalf of the
market participant) of the registration format. In Phase 2, such market
participants shall provide the information relating to Section 4 (data related
to the corporate structure of the market participant) of the registration

European register of participants was published by ACER on 17th March
2015, and for any participant who registered before then, the
CER understands that Phase 2 registration (i.e. Section 4 information) should
be entered via CEREMP within 3 months of this, i.e. by 17th June

market participant registering after ACER published the
register (on 17th March 2015) is required to submit the
information related to all the sections of the registration format before the
registration form can be considered to be correctly submitted. This must be
done by the time the transaction data must be reported on, i.e. prior to 7th October
2015 for participants entering transactions at an organised market places such
as the SEM, or prior to 7th April 2016 for other participants.

information from ACER on REMIT is available here: 
https://www.acer-remit.eu/portal/home The latest ACER Q&A documents
on REMIT, including in relation to the registration process, is available here:

understand that ACER will this week be publishing an updated guidance document
on REMIT, which will reference the above registration timing issue. We will
link to this document on this section of our website after it is published.  

REMIT: Market Participants Registration with CER by 13th
March 2015


REMIT, the
Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency, entered EU law on 28thDecember
2011 and provides for an EU-wide market rules and monitoring framework related
to wholesale energy markets in electricity and gas. For information on the
various aspects of REMIT please see ACER’s website here

A key pillar of REMIT is the reporting by market
, or third
parties on their behalf
, ofenergy transaction data to ACER, which ACER can assess for compliance
with REMIT’s market rules. “Implementing
” specifying the criteria, format and timing for transaction
reporting to ACER, were a
dopted by the
European Commission in December 2014 and entered into force on 7th January

Under REMIT, market participants that report to
ACER as set in the 
Implementing Acts are required to register with the relevant National Regulatory
Authority (NRA), including the CER, which the NRA will provide to ACER.
Furthermore, pursuant to recent Irish legislation, 
SI 480 of 2014, failure by required market participants to register with CER is an
offence which is liable to a fine or indictment. In this regard the
registration and reporting timelines are as follows:

·     Registration
of market participants with the NRA – including the CER – is required by 17thMarch

·     Reporting
to ACER for reportable wholesale energy supply and derivatives contracts
executed at organised marketplaces, and for ENTSO-E and ENTSOG fundamental
data, applies from 7th October 2015; and,

·     Reporting
to ACER for other reportable wholesale energy market contracts (OTC standard
and non-standard supply and derivatives contracts, transportation contracts),
and for additional fundamental data, applies from 7th April 2016.

Registration with CER by 13th March

As per above,
relevant market participants must register with the CER under REMIT. The only
exception, as stated in Article 4 of the Implementing Acts, is for market
participants that only engage in the following
, if the trades are
not concluded through an organised market place

·     Contracts
for the physical delivery of electricity produced by a single production unit
with a capacity equal to or less than 10 MW or by production units with a
combined capacity equal to or less than 10 MW; and,


·     Contracts
for the physical delivery of natural gas produced by a single natural gas
production facility with a production capacity equal to or less than 20 MW.

The registration
process will provide all registered market participants with a unique identifier
called an ACER Code which will be used in reporting data to ACER under REMIT.

The CER is now providing a link to ACER’s online registration system,
called CEREMP, which allows market participants to enter
 registration details with NRAs such as the CER.
Please see below the link to this system. 

ACER’s Registration System  

General information related to CEREMP is provided as follows: Click Here

The information required for market participants to register on the
CEREMP system was decided on and set by ACER in 
Decision No
A primary goal when drafting this decision was to ensure that the
registration process is as smooth and straightforward for market participants
as possible. 
The registration process, as reflected by CEREMP, has five parts:

Data about the market participant; 

Data about natural persons linked to the market participant;

Data about the ultimate controller of the market participant;

Data about the corporate structure of the market participant;

Data about the delegated parties for reporting on behalf of the
market participant.

The first step in the registration process is the market participant
registering a username with the CEREMP platform.  Once set-up on the
CEREMP system, the market-participant then complete
s the first phase of a two phase registration process.
The information required for the first phase relates to the market participant,
natural persons who will be associated with the market participant, the
ultimate beneficiary of the actions of the market participant and, optionally,
information relating to any delegated party which may be reporting transactions
to ACER on the participant’s behalf.

Stage 1 information is to be entered by relevant market participants and
verified by the CER by 17th March 2015 – to facilitate this in
a timely manner, market participants are requested to enter register
information on CEREMP as soon as possible and by no later than Friday
13th March 2015. 

Phase 2 of the registration process will occur after the completion of
Phase 1, i.e. after 17th March
Under the second phase market participants shall be
required to identify their corporate structure, for example parent
company/subsidiary relationships. Further information on Phase 2 will follow on
the CER’s website in late March. 

Registration Queries

General information on REMIT and the registration
process is available 
here at ACER’s website. For any other issues regarding the registration
process, please contact the CER a

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