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Notice of proposed modifications to the Interconnector Licence under the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999

Notification re Directions to EirGrid Interconnector Designated Activity Company to activate certain conditions in the Interconnector Licence

The Interconnector Licence has undergone statutory consultations on modifications to give effect to decisions of the SEM Committee relating to the implementation of new wholesale market arrangements to facilitate the I-SEM. Following completion of the consultation process on the modification of the Interconnector Licence, the CRU issued decision (March 2018), in which it approved new conditions needed for the implementation of the ISEM. In order for those conditions to come into effect or cease to have effect, as required under relevant licence requirements, before ISEM Go Live date (1 October 2018), Directions from the Commission are needed. On 26 September 2018 the Commission issued a Direction to EirGrid Interconnector Designated Activity Company to give effect to the following conditions of the Interconnector Licence: Condition 6 (Compliance with Codes), Condition 9 (Provision of Information to the Transmission System Operator, Distribution System Operator, Market Operator, Nominated Electricity Market Operators, and other entities), Condition 10 (Scheduling and Dispatch and Interconnector Transfers), Condition 11 (Ancillary Services), Condition 15 (Capacity Utilisation and Long Term Transmission Rights), Condition 16 (Dispute Resolution), Condition 17 (Prohibited Activities), Condition 18 (Restriction on Use of Certain Information), Condition 19 (Use of Revenues), Condition 20 (Access to the Licensee’s Interconnector), Condition 21 (Application of Licence Conditions 19 and 20). The Direction will become effective on 30 September 2018 at 23:00hrs, to align with cutover communications, as set out in Part C of the SEM Trading and Settlement Code and in the SEM Committee’s confirmation of Go Live.

The CRU has today, 23 March 2018, published a Decision Paper on final modifications to the Interconnector Licence, granted under Section 14(i) (a) of the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999. The licence modifications are required to facilitate the operation of the Interconnector in the new wholesale market arrangements of the Integrated Single Electricity Market. The licence modifications are highlighted in a marked-up copy of the Interconnector Licence.
According to Section 22(3) of the Act, the CER has today, 23 May 2018, published a statutory notice in the Irish Times and Belfast Gazzette to notify the licence holder and members of the industry of the final licence modifications. A parallel consultation process, led by the Utility Regulator in northern Ireland, has dealt with similar licence modifications to the Moyle Interconnector Licence.
For further information please contact the I-SEM team on isemlicences@cru.ie or at 01 400 08 00.

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CRU Information Paper proposed modifications to the EIDAC Licence